NameCheap Domains - Documentation

Monitor all your NameCheap domains

What is NameCheap Domains Monitor?

This is a meta monitor which runs daily, looks for new domains in your NameCheap account, and creates WHOIS monitors for them.

Adding a NameCheap Domains Monitor

  • Goto the Monitors Area by selecting it from the left sidebar
  • Click on the Add Monitor button to get to the Add Monitor screen
  • Select NameCheap Domains as the Monitor Type
  • Specify your NameCheap username and API Key. Follow the official guide of NameCheap to enable API access.

    Make sure to whitelist our North America and Europe IPs in NameCheap's API configuration.

  • Let the Interval be 24 hours
  • Give the monitor a Name
  • Click on Add


A NameCheap Domains Monitor takes the following parameters:-

  • NameCheap Username: Your NameCheap username. WHOIS monitors are automatically created for all domains under this NameCheap account.
  • NameCheap API Key: This API key is used to obtain the domains from your NameCheap account.
NameCheap Domains monitors are one of our cheaper low frequency monitors and run at a fixed rate of once every 24 hours.

Other Pinger Man monitors can have a configurable interval starting from a frequency of 10 seconds for the Business plan.