Status Pages - Documentation

The lifeline for your customers

Create Public Status Pages for your users to see the uptime status of your websites. Public Status pages don't require users to login. All they need is the URL for your status page. By default, Pinger Man creates a link within a shared domain. This shared link is a bit long as it includes your status page's ID. You can use a custom domain name to generate shorter URLs and maintain your brand name.

Creating Status Pages

  1. Go to Status Pages
  2. Click on the ADD STATUS PAGE button
  3. Select 1 or more monitors to include in the status page
  4. Hit Next
  5. Give the Status Page a unique name. This name is shown at the top of the status page
  6. Optionally, specify a custom domain name to access the status page with.

Using Custom Domain for Status Page

To use a Custom Domain specify the hostname of your domain in the second step of creating a Status Page. You can also edit an existing Status Page and specify the custom domain. Here is an example status page.

You must create a CNAME record in your DNS pointing to before setting up a custom domain.