Maintenance Windows - Documentation

Ignore downtime during scheduled maintenance

Maintenance Windows allow you to exclude uptime monitoring on your websites by specifying a one time or recurring time range during which your website is undergoing maintenance. Pinger Man will not ping your website and track the uptime during these time slots.

Adding Maintenance Windows

  • Goto the Maintenance Windows Area by selecting it from the left sidebar
  • Click on the Add Maintenance Window button to open the dialog box
  • Give the maintenance window a Name
  • Select the type of maintenance window. You can choose between Once, Daily, Weekly & Monthly.
  • Specify the parameters depending on the maintenance type you selected. See section below.
  • Specify how long the maintenance lasts (in minutes)

Maintenance Types

  • Once Maintenance Window: This type of maintenance only occurs once. You must specify the exact date and time it happens
  • Daily Maintenance Window: Daily maintenance windows happen at the exact time everyday. It takes in the time of day as the parameter
  • Weekly Maintenance Window: Weekly maintenance window happens at a specific time on the days of week you select. You must select the days Sunday-Saturday and the exact time for the maintenance window. At least one day must be selected
  • Monthly Maintenance Window: Monthly maintenance windows happen at the specified days of the month and at the time you specify. You can select days from 1-31. If a month doesn't have day 31, the maintenance window does not happen in that month. You can use the special Last Day of Month option to make sure maintenance window is triggered at the last day of every month irrespective of the number of days in it.