PING monitoring

Monitor your servers globally using PING!
PING Monitoring
Key Features

Track the reachability of all your servers centrally.

Our performance monitoring tool keeps track of the API response time and sends real-time alerts when the performance degrades. We continuously monitor your web application to find performance issues. The dashboard shows all the performance data we have collected.
Response time monitoring
Reusable alert configurations across multiple monitors to send downtime notifications
Re-usable downtime alerts
Reusable alert configurations across multiple monitors to send downtime notifications
Use maintenance windows to pause uptime tracking during scheduled downtime.
Scheduled maintenance windows
Receive weekly summary reports in your inbox.
Weekly reports
Receive weekly summary reports in your inbox.
Our monitoring service eliminates false positive downtime notifications by using globally distributed monitoring servers.
Distributed website monitoring

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know to get started.

What is PING monitoring?

PING Monitoring is a crucial IT tool used to assess the availability and responsiveness of network devices. Named after the 'ping' command in UNIX and DOS utilities, it uses Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) to send echo request packets to the target host and waits for an echo reply. The round-trip time, packet loss, and the host's online/offline status provide critical insights into network performance and aid in diagnosing network-related issues.

What is PING monitoring important?

The importance of PING Monitoring in IT operations is multi-faceted. Primarily, it helps maintain the smooth functioning of network operations by providing real-time status updates of devices connected to the network. Doing so facilitates early identification and rectification of potential network downtime, ensuring minimal disruption to critical business processes. Additionally, PING Monitoring assists in detecting packet loss, a critical metric in assessing network performance and reliability. Lastly, by measuring round-trip time, it can aid in identifying network congestion issues, enabling IT teams to optimize network paths and enhance overall performance. Thus, PING Monitoring serves as a crucial element for maintaining and improving the robustness and efficiency of an organization's IT infrastructure.

How does Pinger Man monitor PING?

Pinger Man sends ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) ECHO messages to your servers and makes sure the server responds in a timely fashion.

Alerts are sent via SMS, Email, Twitter, Slack or Web Hooks when the PING fails.

Is Pinger Man free?

We offer a free plan with 0.28 monthly credits.