Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know to get started.

Is Pinger Man free?

We offer a free plan with 0.28 monthly credits.

Does Pinger Man affect website statistics?

Not if your tracker uses JavaScript. Google Analytics, Alexa, SEM Rush all use JavaScript to track visitors of your website. Pinger Man does not process JavaScript. As such any HTTP requests that Pinger Man does should not be visible in the trackers.

How to Whitelist Pinger Man's IPs in Firewall?

The IP addresses we perform checks from are listed here. Please make sure you whitelist these IPs in your Firewall configuration.

Does Pinger Man show up in web server logs?

Pinger Man sends HTTP requests to your web server. These are typically visible in the web server logs such as apache.

I do not receive notifications for my monitors

For each monitor you must specify the contacts that need to be alerted for up/down status changes. Please make sure you have selected contacts in the Alerts tab of your monitors.

What are Credits?

Credit is the internal currency which governs how many resources you can create. Click here for more information.