WHOIS Monitor

Read our article for an overview on how to monitor a domain for expiration.

Adding a WHOIS Monitor

  • Goto the Monitors Area by selecting it from the left sidebar
  • Click on the Add Monitor button to get to the Add Monitor screen
  • Select WHOIS as the Monitor Type
  • Specify the monitor parameters such as Domain and Alert Days
  • Let the Interval be 24 hours
  • Give the monitor a Name
  • Click on Add


A WHOIS Monitor takes the following parameters:-

  • Domain: The name of the domain to monitor
  • Alert Days: How many days before the expiry of the domain the alert is to be sent
  • Name: The unique name for the monitor to identify it
WHOIS monitors run at a fixed rate of once every 24 hours.

Other Pinger Man monitors can have a configurable interval starting from a frequency of 10 seconds for the Business plan.