Checks - Documentation

The underlying test performed by monitors

What are Checks?

Checks are the tests Pinger Man performs on a URL, domain, host or service to make sure your Monitors are up. For an HTTP monitor, the check is an HTTP request send to the monitor's URL. Similarly, for a PING monitor the check is an ICMP echo request to the host/IP of the monitor. Checks are initially performed from our Virginia servers. If a check fails, we perform checks from alternate locations such as Europe and Canada to reduce false positives.

Check Frequency

For each monitor, you can configure the frequency of these checks. Depending upon your plan, you can configure check frequency as high as 10 seconds.

Higher frequency of checks increases the load on your server. We recommend a check frequency of 1 minute for most websites.

Viewing Checks for a Monitor

  • Goto the Monitors Area by selecting it from the left sidebar
  • Click on your monitor to go to the details
  • Click on the Checks tab
Pinger Man Checks