Keyword Monitor - Documentation

Tracking keywords on web page

What is Keyword Monitor?

Keyword monitor is an extension of HTTP monitor with the added functionality to look for the presence or absence of a keyword.

Keyword monitors have the following additional parameters:-

The keyword to search in the webpage
If selected looks for the presence of the keyword otherwise looks for it's absence. The monitor is considered to be up when this criteria for the keyword is matched.
Case Sensitive
Determines whether to perform a case-sensitive matching of the keyword. Turn off to ignore case when matching the keyword.
Keyword Monitor Parameters
You can monitor keywords using either the HTTP Monitor or the specialized Keyword Monitor. Look for a tab called Content Validation of Add/Edit Monitor.

Adding a Monitor

  • Goto the Monitors Area by selecting it from the left sidebar
  • Click on the Add Monitor button to get to the Add Monitor screen
  • Select Keyword as the Monitor Type Keyword Monitor
  • Specify the monitor parameters such as URL, Keyword, Case Sensitive, etc.
  • Specify the Interval
  • Give the monitor a Name
  • Click on Add