DNS Monitor - Documentation

Monitor entries on your DNS server

Adding a DNS Monitor

  • Goto the Monitors Area by selecting it from the left sidebar
  • Click on the Add Monitor button to get to the Add Monitor screen
  • Select DNS as the Monitor Type
  • Specify the monitor parameters such as Host, Query Type and Expected Records
  • Specify the Interval
  • Give the monitor a Name
  • Click on Add


A DNS Monitor takes the following parameters:-

  • Host: The host for which the DNS query must be executed
  • Query Type: The type of DNS query to execute. Given below are the supported values:
    • A
    • DNSKEY
    • NS
    • SRV
    • AAAA
    • DS
    • PTR
    • TXT
    • CNAME
    • MX
    • SOA
  • Expected Records: The expected records from the DNS server. A response that does not match this will cause the monitor to go down and any alerts to be sent.