Persistent Alerts - Documentation

Configuring Alerts to repeat a fixed number of times with a specified interval between repeats can be helpful for ensuring that critical issues are not missed and for providing timely reminders until the problem is resolved. You can configure alerts to repeat a fixed number of times by changing the Repeat alert setting. You can also configure the interval between the repeat alerts by changing the Repeat interval setting.

Repeat Alert

  • Find the Repeat Alert setting and specify the number of times you want the alert to be repeated.
  • For example, if you set it to repeat 3 times, the alert will be sent out initially when triggered and then repeated thrice more at specified intervals.

Repeat Interval

  • Locate the "Repeat Interval" setting and specify the interval between repeated alerts.
  • Specify the interval at which you want the alert to be repeated in terms of "every nth check."
  • For example, setting it to "every 2nd check" means the alert will be triggered on the first failure and then repeated every second failed check thereafter.
  • The repeat alerts are no longer sent if the monitor comes back up.

This approach ensures that relevant stakeholders receive reminders about the ongoing issue at specific intervals, helping to ensure that the problem is addressed promptly without inundating recipients with excessive notifications. Adjusting the repeat alert setting provides flexibility in tailoring the alerting behavior to suit the requirements and preferences of the monitoring system's users.