Monitor Domain Expiration

Pinger Man can be used to periodically monitor the expiry dates of domains and receive alerts when they are nearing the expiry date. This use case is solved by using our WHOIS Monitor feature.

What is WHOIS Monitor?

You can use WHOIS Monitor to track how long a domain name is registered for and send domain expiration alert via email notifications or SMS before the domain expires.

Why use WHOIS monitoring?

Companies such as Microsoft and Foursquare have been on the receiving end of accidental domain expiration because they forgot to renew their domains. It causes loss of business and has a negative impact on your brand. WHOIS monitoring prevents accidental expiration of domains.

Alternatively, you can also use WHOIS monitor to keep track of domains not owned by you and buy them when the registration expires.

How to setup domain expiration monitoring?

Typically, you add a Pinger Man WHOIS check for monitoring your domain. Pinger Man checks the expiration date of your domain every 24 hours and sends you a reminder 30 days before the domain expiry date. This also causes the monitor to go down until you renew your domain. At this point you can either go and renew your domain with your registrar or transfer it to another provider. The next time Pinger Man checks the registration information for your domain it will see a new expiration date. Now the monitor will be marked as Up and an Email will be sent to you stating the same.

Domain Expiration Alert

You can configure the number of days before your domain's expiry date when you want to receive emails from Pinger Man. You can choose any value between 1 and 90 days. The default is 30 days.

Read the WHOIS Monitor documentation for more information.